Why Does My Water Smell? 4 Common Tap Water Odors and their Sources

Water isn’t supposed to have a smell. So when North and South Carolina homeowners encounter tap water with bad odors, they can be concerned about using or consuming it. Today we’re going to look at some of the most common reasons why your water might develop odors and how a home filtration system can solve the problem!

4 common questions about tap water odors

  1. Why does my water smell like chlorine? One of the most common complaints about tap water in the Carolinas is that it smells like chlorine. That’s because chlorine is added to public water supplies in order to disinfect it and protect the public from waterborne illnesses. At certain points in the year, public utilities will add more chlorine than usual or switch from using chloramine (a mixture of chlorine and ammonia) to just chlorine. In either case, this will increase the severity of the smell of chlorine in your water.
  2. Why does my water smell grassy, earthy or fishy? Algae blooms can occur sporadically throughout the year in source water (particularly in lakes and reservoirs). When this happens, it can create a smell in your tap water that many people describe as grassy, earthy or fishy.
  3. Why does my water smell like metal? If your water contains an excess amount of minerals like copper, iron and lead, it can give off a metallic smell. These minerals often leech into water from the pipes that it travels through as it goes from your local treatment plant to your home or from your home’s own pipes. This is particularly common in cities with aging plumbing systems or homes that have old and/or corroded pipes.
  4. Why does my water smell like rotten eggs? When water contains an excess amount of sulfur, it can give off a rotten egg smell. This is one of the foulest smells that your water can have, and it can make it hard to consume. Sulfur is naturally occurring in the ground, so it can get into source water in a number of different ways. People with well water are particularly at risk for sulfuric-smelling water.

Install a water treatment system to eliminate strange smells from your water

If you don’t use a home filtration system, the smell of your water can change at any point because of source water conditions, the activities of your local treatment plant, water contaminant levels and more. By installing a water treatment system to remove the contaminants that affect its odor, you can not only improve the safety of your water, but also its taste and smell!

If you have any questions about why your water smells, or if you’d like a water treatment system serviced or installed in your home, contact North Carolina Water Consultants. We provide service for Hague water treatment systems in North and South Carolina in towns like Charlotte, Davidson and Kannapolis, NC.

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